What is Oshin OS?

Oshin OS is an Arch Linux-based free, safe, and open-source operating system for your kids and yourself, that allows you to stay safe in the world of technology without compromising on your daily requirements. Oshin OS will operate to ensure your safety, comfort, accessibility, and exploration opportunities. We offer a secure operating system for everyone in this digital world. Oshin OS stands out among other operating systems for several reasons. It prioritizes security with regular updates and resource-efficient features, including blocking 2.2 lakh malicious websites at the OS level and offering the Sahayak Helpline App for reporting cyber threats. Additionally, it provides a customised Chromium browser with essential extensions and tailored font for specially-abled children, and allows users to monitor their activities through Activity Watch. Oshin OS is committed to safeguarding users and their loved ones in the digital realm, offering an extensive community support.

Free of cost

Oshin OS is an initiative to keep everyone safe in the digital world. This project will be open source forever.

System Security

The system receives regular security updates, to make sure that you have the state-of-the-art security features.

Take anywhere

The ISO File can be burned into a USB drive and can be carried to be installed anywhere.


The system gives you best-in-class performance while consuming a minimum number of resources.

Contribute to Oshin

Oshin OS is an open-source project. You can help us by contributing, which in turn helps us to upgrade the operating system and make it more accessible to everyone.

Our mission

Make the internet safer

Oshin OS started in 2021 with the vision of making the internet safer for everyone to surf, but in the journey not sacrifice the needs and features of the existing digital landscape.

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