The OS For Your Safety and Security

The Features

Our unique features make Oshin your friend

Oshin OS comes with features that ensure that everyone using it is safe from the threats of the internet

Secure Internet Usage

200,000+ websites blocked at the OS level, resulting in restricted access to malicious and suspicious online content.

Secure Work Environment

Customized Chromium browser with extensions like Ublock Origin, and Signal messaging for secure and private messaging.

Never be lost

Activity Watch allows users to keep track of their application and OS usage, thereby helping users to optimize their time.

Work without fear

Oshin is integrated with Sahayak – A helpline being developed to report incidents of cyber bullying to appropriate authorities for immediate action.

Our mission

Make the internet safer

Oshin OS started in 2021 with the vision of making the internet safer for everyone to surf, but in the journey not sacrifice the needs and features of the existing digital landscape.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

Yes. Oshin OS community edition is free to use and will remain free forever.

Installing Oshin OS is very simple. Click Here to find the tutorial on how to install Oshin OS step-by-step.

You can contact us by mailing us at

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